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What we do

SmartHealth offers convenient and discreet STI screening for asymptomatic people aged 18 years and older. 

You do not need a referral from a doctor and, once you have had your samples collected, results are sent by SMS within two business days. All tests are performed to the highest standard by Sonic Healthcare Australia – Pathology NATA-accredited laboratories.

The testing process is confidential and quick, involving just three simple steps.

Before ordering

SmartHealth STI is only recommended for asymptomatic patients.

If you have symptoms, such as genital, oral or anal sores, rashes, lumps, itching, unusual discharge or bleeding, discomfort when urinating, lower abdominal pain or a sense of general unwellness, it is important that you consult a doctor as soon as possible. SmartHealth STI screening may not be appropriate for you.

If you think that you have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis B in the last 72 hours you should immediately see a doctor, hospital or specialised clinic to be assessed for potential post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Click here to learn more about PEP.

By purchasing STI tests from SmartHealth, you accept the Terms and Conditions of the SmartHealth site and voluntarily consent to STI screening.

Test in 3 simple steps

Our screening tests are grouped into the most appropriate range of tests based on current guidelines.  

When ordering your screen you will be asked to select a medical centre.  

Please note: These medical centres are aware of the SmartHealth STI process. They will only be involved if you have a positive STI test result, in which case they will confidentially assist you with organising treatment and follow-up. You can choose to be treated elsewhere if you wish.

To protect your privacy, your credit card statement line item will display an alias of SmartHealth.

When your order is completed, please download the pathology request form and tax invoice and save them to your mobile phone. You will need the pathology request form at the collection centre when you have your samples collected. Either print it before going to a collection centre, or you can show it on your phone.

The tax invoice has the 4-digit PIN that you will need in order to open the pathology report with your results.

You can attend any of the designated Sonic Healthcare Australia Pathology collection centres .

The pathology collector will let you know which samples you need to collect. If any of your tests require a blood sample, they will collect this for you. You will collect urine and swab samples yourself – the collection centre will give you the collection devices to do this.

You will receive an SMS with a link to your results within two business days after your samples were collected.

Negative results

When all of your tests are negative, your SMS will include a link to the pathology report. To open the report, you will need to use the 4-digit PIN that is found on the top right-hand corner of your tax invoice.

Positive results

If any of your tests are positive or inconclusive, the SMS you receive will ask you to contact the medical centre that you selected when you placed your order. You will find the details of the medical centre you chose on the tax invoice.

We will send your results to the medical centre – they will contact you to confidentially assist you with organising treatment and follow-up. You can choose to be treated elsewhere if you wish.

In Australia, state health departments have statutory notification, which requires that laboratories report certain cases of infectious diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, to public health departments. The purpose of this is to limit the spread of communicable diseases.